Stacy Nunney - Registered & Certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher and studio Owner

My journey with yoga is a simple one.  I started meditating 20 years ago and found great peace knowing that in silence I can hear the truth for my life.  I started the Hatha practice shortly after, but wasn’t as dedicated till after having my daughter where my hearts strings were pulled into the Vinyasa practice. Yoga is a very safe and non-judgmental space that provides me with the tools to be the best version of myself on and off the mat.  I received my 200 hour yoga certification from Inner Bliss Yoga Studio under the teachings of Tammy Lyons with co teachings from Dawn Schroeder, Kimberly Payne, Jennifer Yuhas and Marisa Tingle with additional teachings from Max Strom focused on the breathing practice of yoga, Todd Drybread focused on the anatomy of yoga and Deborah Adele focused on the ethics of yoga.  I have continued my education with workshop study in The Chakras System, Inner Axis-Breathing Techniques through mindfulness & movement, Hands-On Assisting, Dialogue & Queuing, Meditation, Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga. I teach from a heart center approach with joy, encouragement, love and compassion. I believe in the strength and softness that yoga brings in the body, mind & spirit.

Shauna Tapp-Registered & Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher/Yoga Nidra Certified

I began practicing yoga 8 years ago. I attended my first class with a close family member that had been practicing for many years. I soon realized that yoga was much more than just increasing flexibility in the body. As I continued to practice I saw the shifts that were taking place not just in my body, but in my mind and spirit. Yoga has brought me light when there was darkness in my life. It has brought me clarity during times of uncertainty.  It is because of the increased love of yoga that I decided I wanted to deepen my practice. I received my 200 HR certification from Bhumi's Yoga And Teacher Trainings in December of 2015. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share with others the gifts that yoga has brought to me. My classes are designed to expand, explore, relax and ground in the body. My classes usually include a short meditation to allow the mind and body to connect at a deeper level.

In my free time I enjoy cooking and visiting wineries with my husband. I also have a passion for reading and love being involved in the Book Club at the studio.

I am excited to meet you and to share the journey of yoga together!

Tessa Loos-Registered & Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher

I committed to seriously incorporating yoga into my life in 2008 while training for a marathon. I initially was drawn to a hot power flow class as a form of physical cross training, but found that with each invitation into a safe and non-judgmental space my life was slowly transforming in the best possible ways, well above and beyond the physical dimension. I am now equipped with methods of dealing with emotional challenges gracefully; am more present and in tune with the beauty and rich stimuli of each moment; I feel a keen integration of my mind, body, spirit, and heart; I have a consistent outlet to worship God that transcends any other environment of the past; and I am more sensitively in tune with the deep tissue and fiber of my being. I am honored to have received my 200 hour yoga certification in 2014 through Tammy Lyons Inner Bliss Yoga Studio program. My heart is full of light and love…yoga offers a conduit for me to share both without reservation, a gift and a blessing that I am eternally grateful for.

kayla Hutchinson-Registered & Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher

I started yoga after an accident and severe knee injury left me unable to do my normal, high-impact workouts. I turned to yoga as a way for me to focus my energy on all of the things my body could do. 
For me, yoga has been a journey in finding my truth. My mat is a place where I fall out and get back up again, where I sit with discomfort and cry tears of joy or sorrow. It's a place where I smile and laugh and move out of my comfort zone. It’s where I practice honoring my body and mind, right where it is in that moment. What I practice on my mat, has followed me off of it, creating a life filled with balance and abundance.
My goal as a teacher, is to come together to share laughter, safely explore past comfort zones, and find balance both physically and mentally. Yoga is creating space free from obstacles in your own body. It is freedom and release. I am here to support others in finding this release so that they can comfortably move through life.
I received my 200-hour vinyasa training with Helen Cloots and Floating Yoga School in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Outside of teaching yoga, I am a full-time elementary special education teacher at the North Royalton City Schools. 

Allison Caruso-Registered & Certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher

Allison Daniel completed 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with Puma Yoga. 

In December 2016 she completed RYT-200 hour KRI Level 1 Teacher Training at Sat Nam Studios. In March 2018 she completed a 200- hour Teacher Training in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga with Pranaverdana Yoga School. Her dedication to yoga has created healing in her life.  Yoga is a constant reminder that the answers she is searching for can be found within.  She will always be a student of Yoga, where learning is contagious.

Tiffany Haney-Registered & Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher

Growing up, my mother owned a dance studio, so movement has been an important part of my life both mentally & physically since I was a child. I continued to dance throughout college, but after school I tried to find new ways to tap into that grace and peace I found in Ballet. I had tried yoga on and off for years but it wasn’t until about 2014 that something clicked and I realized I couldn’t live without practicing yoga. I fell in love with the way my body felt afterward, the way my mind felt the rest of the day, and the way my heart felt the more that I practiced. I was incredibly inspired by the flow of Vinyasa, and in recent years have come to love and appreciate the spiritual & meditative practice as well. 

My years in dance and experience teaching dance have given me a deep appreciation of the mind/body connection, as well as the understanding the importance of mindfulness both on and off the mat.  

In 2018 I decided that yoga played such an important role in my life that I wanted to reach others in that same way. I completed my 200-hour teacher training in May of 2019 with the Strongsville yoga school under the instruction of Meghan Reimer. Through teaching yoga, I aim to inspire others, help my students to grow & also find the best versions of themselves. 

Celina Rodriguez-Registered & Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher

My journey with yoga began when after years of dance training I was searching for an outlet that was not only physical but that connected with my spirit as well. The practice of yoga not only teaches you how to heal and be compassionate with yourself but it teaches you how to hold space for others to do the same. As I began a committed yoga and meditation practice I was able to connect with myself and my surroundings deeply, fully and with more clarity than I had been before. This transformation is what inspired me to teach and share this sacred practice with others. I completed my teacher training in December 2016 with Zuna Yoga in Bali, Indonesia through an intensive and immersive Hatha Vinyasa program. I hope to offer my students a space free of judgement and full of compassion where they can connect with their breath and a find deeper clarity in their lives..